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On the 28th of December in 2015 with a closing seminar in Kurzeme is finished the project “Animal therapy inclusion of abused children in the social rehabilitation” (contract no. 2012.EEZ / PP / 1 / MAC / 153/034).

All interested persons from social services, Orphan’s Court, and specialists from other children’s institutions are invited in the seminar, to be able to present the project, its results and the resulting practice of working with victims of violence with kanistherapy and reittherapy / Riding pedagogical methods.

The final workshop took place in Vidzeme on the 10.27.2015., in which took part specialists from Vidzeme.

During the project there was developed an innovative rehabilitation program. Experience in teaching riding, reittherapy was mastered at partners in Norway “EKJ Riding school and pet park AS”. Project target group included a total of 618 abused children from Vidzeme and Kurzeme, which rehabilitation process was integrated kanistherapy and reittherapy / Pedagogical Riding. The results show that children participating in animal therapy classes are becoming more open, more specifically, that gives the opportunity to identify the consequences of violence to be able to work more effectively to violence traumatic reduction.

The project realization time, 2014 January 1st. – December 31st., 2015. Project is implemented by “Centre Valdardze ”,partners in the crisis center for families with children” Paspārne “,Talsi Crisis Centre, the EKJ Riding school and pet Park AS (Norway).

The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The total project cost of 102 841.05 euros. 95% of the grant of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and 5% of the Latvian state budget.



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